Expats Behaving Badly

I bet we TCKs all know (or have heard of) of someone who was expelled from school/deported/transferred because of misconduct.

Why is it commonplace for the children of expats to behave poorly?

1. Little-to-no consequences (diplomatic immunity).
Diplomatic immunity is granted to diplomatic families. It is through this immunity that these families are not susceptible to lawsuits or prosecution in the country in which they reside. It is easy to see now, why these rebellious diplomatic teenagers would take full advantage of this. They’re essentially above the law. This ties into my next point:

2. Disregard for local laws and regulations
Expat kids in foreign countries can sometimes grow up to think that because they are privileged, that they are somehow privileged when it comes to the law. I’m not sure where this mentality comes from, but I’m sure it is common around the world.

3. Taking advantage of the power of money
Expats aren’t poor (compared to some of the locals). Depending on where they live, expat kids have very fortunate lives (drivers, maids, guards, private schools, clubs). In some of the poorer countries, all vendors want is your money – they don’t care how old you are (especially if you look like you’re a foreigner). That’s why (in my experience in Shanghai), kids as young as 10 and 11 were able to buy alcohol and cigarettes in bars and restaurants without so much as a flinch on the vendors’ parts. That wouldn’t fly in the ‘West’.

Can you blame the parents in this case??

I’m inclined to say yes.


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A TCKid trying to make it through repatriation in Canada
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