Brushing Elbows with Fortune 500 CEOs…

I learned how to be a proper hostess at a young age, as many girls do. My parents would coach me. “Go ask _____ if he would like a drink”, “Bring this to _______”, “Help clear the plates”. The one difference is that the guests that I was helping to host were top executives from a number of Fortune 500 companies.

As a ‘Business Brat’ (or ‘Corporate Kid’ as I prefer), I’ve always been in the company of a number of corporate executives – whether they were our neighbors, dad’s colleagues or were golfing buddies. It’s not uncommon for me to recognize some of their names in newspapers and say “He came to our house for dinner!”, “Dad talks about him all the time”, or “Mom had lunch with his wife yesterday”.

Looking back – I should have taken that opportunity to network! But no… I was a mere high schooler then… and the only thing I was probably thinking about was spending time with my friends.

My point is…. even though I (like many other ‘Corporate Kids’) had these rare (and to others, prized) opportunities, I was just like any other kid. The only difference being that I grew up under very different circumstances in a very different place.


About tckindalife

A TCKid trying to make it through repatriation in Canada
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