“Which place was your favourite?”

Having lived in 5 countries growing up, this is a question that I get asked frequently. I always give them the same answer.

“It’s hard to say”

It’s a question that is just as hard to answer as if I were asked which one of my fingers I’d rather have cut off. How can you compare countries that are a part of you? You just can’t decide because there is nothing to compare.

For mono-culture kids (MCKs), it’s relatively easy for them to decide which place is their favourite, because they visit those places for only a short while. Some of the culture or food might appeal to them more in some countries/cities than others.

For us it is a little different. With each city or country we live in, that culture becomes a part of us – like freckles that appear on our skin when we’re in the sun.


About tckindalife

A TCKid trying to make it through repatriation in Canada
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